Today in this article let's discuss about the Cloud Services Provider, what is it all about, its advantages and disadvantages and so on. To begin with, let’s go back to earlier period where there were no cloud service providers as of now. So, in those periods, let’s say I wanted to start a website or host a web application to the server. Before there were cloud services providers, what we needed to do was we needed to host our website/web application to our own server/pc. So, for that what I had to do was, go to the market buy a new server or at least make my pc into the server and then host the website/web-application into it, furthermore we might require an external firewall that needs to be installed for security purpose. Just imagine how costly it was, you need to hire a person to have a look at the server, Buy the server which is expensive and also it has some lifetime (which means in a few years you might need to perform maintenance or even buy a new one), The server will require the internet, electricity cost and so on. Again, let’s say you handled this as well, but the next day your website/web-application got so popular that it went down, not able to handle all those requests. So, are you again going to the market to upgrade your server?  Well, if you own a corporate house and don’t have the problem with costing then there’s no problem you will handle those by keeping the server higher than your requirement, but what if you are a startup or just wanted to host a website. Is it worthy to spend such a great amount in just the server and its maintenance?

Keeping all these things in mind, few companies started to provide such service to the general people so that they do not need to Buy a server and do all the necessary maintenance. You just buy a service from the service providers for which the service providers may charge you some amount and then everything else is taken care by the service providers. With this anyone can start to host their website/web-application in a button click without worrying about other hardware details and maintenance.  Today there are many cloud service providers providing this service, and today not only they provide the hosting but various services in various domains which includes but not limited to CDN, Computing Service, Storage Service, Containers, Developer tools, Robotics, Satellite, Database, Machine Learning and many more. Also, today many service providers offer the service of Pay as you go, which means you pay only for what you use and the time you use. For example, let’s say today I bought a simple server and next day I wanted to upgrade that, so no need to worry I am just a button click away from upgrading my server. And Next day I realized I don’t need certain services so I can just do that and I will be charged only for what I use and time that I use. Which means if I used certain service for 2 hours, then I am only charged of that 2 hours. Isn’t it awesome?